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Kids Karate in Horsham

The Best Karate Dojo for Kids in Horsham

Amerikick Karate is the only martial arts and karate academy exclusively for children in the Horsham area. Now your child can learn the discipline and values of the ancient martial art of Karate in a place they’ll feel comfortable, without you needing to travel far from home.

What is Karate?

Karate is maybe the most well-known of all the martial arts. Its name literally means ‘empty-hand’ when translated to English, and refers to the student’s ability to fight without a sword or other weapon. But in modern times, this name is more relevant to the attitude karate students and masters carry: of being ready to meet the world as they are.

Self-Defense Classes

Studies have shown that participation in a martial arts program teaches children discipline and self-restraint. Rather than encouraging fighting, as you might expect, kids’ martial arts teaches children that self-defense techniques are only to be used in the case of an emergency. Your child will learn to be mindful of how they carry themselves in everyday life. Our karate academy fosters good relationships between all the trainees no matter what martial art they come to study.

The Benefits of Karate for Kids

Enrolling your child in the study of martial arts bring a lot of benefits. It’s been shown that, like studying music or playing a more traditional team sport, kids who take self-defense classes are more confident and psychologically well-adjusted. They have lower blood pressure and levels of anxiety. It’s also suggested that karate and other martial arts can have positive effects on mental conditions like ADHD, by providing a positive outlet for your child’s excess energy.

That isn’t all. When your child studies the art of the empty hand, they will gain new skills in the following areas:

  • • Self-control and positive mental discipline
  • • Balance and posture
  • • Respect for self and others
  • • Concentration, awareness and mindfulness

The best part? You as a parent can gain peace of mind knowing that your child knows how to defend themselves in the case of an emergency. Knowing your child can safely walk home from a friend’s place in the evening is a good way to encourage your child’s independence and gives you peace of mind.

Horsham’s Only Full-Service Kids’ Martial Arts Dojo

Amerikick Karate is the only dedicated karate academy for children in the state of Pennsylvania. Our talented instructors teach many different styles of martial arts, but we’re most well-known for our dedication and commitment to the ancient discipline of karate. We are open late to work around your busy schedule, and we offer classes and instruction for your child during evenings and weekends.

Amerikick Karate’s dojo is large and spacious, and all of our instructors are fully trained in their respective martial arts. We offer a wide variety of classes from every level, from beginners and juniors to competition-level training. We also provide gi and karate sparring gear for parents to rent for our classes. If you want to know anything about our karate academy, call us today!