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Kid's Kickboxing in Horsham

These days, it seems getting kids away from the screen and into some scheduled physical activity is as hard as herding cats. Because children have so much energy to expend, it’s crucial they get enough exercise so they can support their growing minds and bodies. But between television, iPads, and video games, there’s much incentive to stay indoors instead. What’s a concerned parent to do? Why not give them the gift of physical activity by enrolling them in kickboxing lessons?

Kickboxing is a fantastic skill for any child to learn. A hybrid martial art formed as a cross between karate and traditional boxing, kickboxing combines the nonviolent discipline that karate requires with the fun approach to sparring and sport that boxing provides.

It’s a safe, thrilling and fun way to get your children into physical activity, as well as teaching them valuable lessons in mindfulness, respectful competition, and self-defense.

Kickboxing Classes for Kids Only!

Unlike other karate gyms in the Horsham area, Amerikick Karate Kickboxing is the only full-service martial arts gym that’s 100% for kids. Our instructors are experienced in dealing with children of all ages, and you’ll never need to worry about the possibility of your child being paired up with an adult who doesn’t know their strength during spars.

Everyone that attends kickboxing lessons at Amerikick Karate Kickboxing learns the same respect for authority and the other members of the class. There’s no chance of your child taking their newfound self-defense skills to a schoolyard brawl, as kickboxing lessons prioritize nonviolent resolution of conflict above all else. You can be sure your child will be studying martial arts in a safe and welcoming environment.

Do I Need Karate Gear to Start Kickboxing?

No! While Amerikick Karate Kickboxing is famous in the Horsham region for our karate for kids, our kickboxing classes are less formal than our karate lessons, and we don’t require newcomers to purchase a special uniform before they get started. While we recommend every student arrive in comfortable athletic wear and ready for physical activity (no jeans or piercings), and we do sell optional kickboxing uniforms designed for comfort during drills, there’s no required gi like in our karate classes.

My Child Wants to Be an MMA Fighter, Should I Register Them in Kickboxing Lessons?

Don’t fret, parents. The road to being an MMA fighter is long, and just because your child is obsessed with kickboxing videos now doesn’t mean they’ll follow it through. That said, kickboxing is one of the foundational martial arts disciplines in mixed martial arts fighting, and if your son or daughter has dreams of being a world-champion pugilist, you’ll be surprised at the many benefits that kickboxing instruction can have for your child, such as:

  • • Reduced anxiety and better focus in school and on hobbies
  • • Less fear and more independence
  • • The ability to protect themselves if need be
  • • The thrill of an individual sport combined with the teamwork of the gym setting

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