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At Amerikick Karate Kickboxing, we are proud to provide adults and children with world class instruction in karate.

Our highly-qualified team of instructors teaches karate at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We believe in the profound and varied benefits of karate, and it is our joy to share these benefits with our students.

With our extensive expertise and knowledge of this revered martial arts form, we help instill focus, self-discipline, strength, and awareness in each pupil. We look forward to introducing you to the physical and mental advantages of karate. See the difference it can make in your life.

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About Karate: Fusion of Mind, Body and Spirit

Karate is one of the oldest forms of martial arts currently practiced today. It is a striking-based form of fighting that emphasizes the development of defense and counterattack. The fighting aspects, however, are only the beginning of true karate techniques.

Karate is deeply rooted in respect, self-awareness, and a spirit of humility. The mental and moral aspects of karate lead to an increase in coordination, focus and mindfulness. Physically, you learn how to ground yourself and use gravity, and how to strike in a fluid and graceful motion.

When you undertake karate instruction, you will experience balance and partnership. Each student receives in-depth analysis, observation, and advice on karate forms and techniques. With an outstanding student to teacher ratio of 4:1, you’ll benefit from detailed instruction and feedback.

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Karate for Kids––Developing Life Skills

Amerikick Karate Kickboxing offers karate instruction and classes for children ages 3 and up. This is a wonderful, socially-engaging form of exercise and bonding that makes an extremely positive impact on any young person.

Kids who learn karate have the opportunity to properly expend and concentrate energy in a positive way. The karate instruction begins with an introduction of blocks, stances, kicks, and strikes. Kids interact in powerful emotional, mental, and physical ways.

Karate helps children develop life skills––from self-esteem to improving coordination, and self-discipline to confidence. Best of all, it is an incredibly fun and satisfying activity!

Karate Program for Adults

Adults of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the multiple physical and mental benefits of karate.

Our expert karate instructors tailor their approach to every individual. Whether you hope to increase your flexibility and functional strength, gain insightful knowledge into self-defense, or simply deepen your levels of self-awareness, a foundation in karate can open many doors.

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Fully-Equipped Martial Arts Facility

Our beautiful, modern martial arts studio houses all our karate classes. It provides an ideal setting for hands-on learning and observation.

In our comfortable, inviting facility, you will have the chance to gain first hand insights into karate and other martial arts from industry-leading instructors.

We look forward to welcoming you and guiding you along the journey to strength and serenity through karate. Contact Amerikick Karate Kickboxing to learn more!