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At Amerikick Karate Kickboxing, one of our many specialties within the martial arts field is kickboxing instruction.

Kickboxing is an impactful and empowering exercise, uniquely combining aspects of karate, boxing, and other traditional styles. It is practiced for a number of purposes, including as a contact sport, for self-defense, or simply for general fitness.

At our fully-equipped studio, we have a full range of kickboxing equipment and materials. Our experienced instructors tailor their approach to all ages and skill levels. We offer kickboxing instruction to both adults and children.

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Engaging, Empowering Kickboxing Instruction

Kickboxing has an extensive list of benefits for both men and women of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kickboxer, Amerikick Karate Kickboxing has the space and instructional resources to develop your skills to the fullest.

As a workout, kickboxing provides fantastic advantages It is an incredibly effective cardio exercise— in fact, fitness kickboxing can burn in excess of 800 calories per hour. For athletes, it is an ideal cross-training workout.

Additional benefits include:

  • • Reducing Stress
  • • Improved Coordination and Posture
  • • Boosts of Energy
  • • Greater Confidence Levels

By combining aspects of kicking and punching, you achieve a deeply satisfying full-body workout. To learn more about kickboxing and the benefits it can make in your life, contact our martial arts specialists today!

Well-Equipped Martial Arts Facility

We are proud to offer our students and practicing martial artists a beautiful, modern studio filled with the latest in athletic equipment and resources. We carry products by industry-leading manufacturers, and can make expert recommendations on kickboxing training bags, gloves, bag stands, and other kickboxing materials.

We offer the opportunity for individual training, class instruction, or one-on-one sessions with our highly qualified kickboxing coaches.

Regardless of your skill level, you will find what you are looking for at Amerikick Karate Kickboxing.

Highly Experienced Kickboxing Instructors

Our kickboxing instructors are extensively qualified and experienced in the sport and provide diligent progress monitoring. With close observation and clear instruction, we help you to improve your kickboxing technique, stamina, stance, and posture. Our coaches help increase your efficiency and power as a kickboxer and gain new insights into proper practice.

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Transform Your Body and Life with Kickboxing

Whether you are looking for an exciting new addition to your fitness routine, are interested in competing as a kickboxer, or simply wish to increase your agility and power––kickboxing is a fantastic and advantageous exercise for all.

At our facility, we offer a full range of kickboxing classes and instructional opportunities. For those interested in something alternative, we also instruct Muay Thai. With Amerikick Karate Kickboxing, you can realize and unleash your full mental and physical potential.

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