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4 Great Reasons to Practice Martial Arts in Horsham

As one of the leading martial arts studios in Horsham, we at Amerikick Karate Kickboxing have a lot of people asking us why they should pay, for themselves or their children, to get beat up several times a week. We do our best to dispel the idea that martial arts are about “getting beat up” or worse, “beating someone else up”. Everyone who’s taken part in our martial arts classes—or those of other studios across the county—knows martial arts are not about violence.

Okay, that might seem contradictory. But it’s true. We are not in the business of training street fighters. We are in the business of creating humble, self-sufficient, focused, self-confident and respectful students who are not afraid to get up again after getting knocked down.

Everyone has their own reasons for taking martial arts lessons. We’ve put together a list of 4 great reasons to practice martial arts to try to correct some of the misconceptions about the sport.

1. Learn Perseverance With Martial Arts Classes

Life is full of ups and downs. We all get hurt at some point. Practicing martial arts is a great way to learn the art of perseverance. Although we often emphasize this for children, it’s never too late. We focus on building the kind of self-confidence necessary to go on, even when it feels impossible.

There is perhaps no better arena to learn this in than the controlled environment of the martial arts studio. At Amerikick Karate Kickboxing, we treat the studio as a safe space to make mistakes, to fall down, and to get back up, and try again.

2. Martial Arts Helps Build Self-Confidence and Self-Respect

The philosophy that guides all our martial arts practices is one of respect. Respect for the master, respect for other students and, most importantly, respect for yourself. That means there are no tough guys and tough girls at our studio. Being tough is usually a kind of compensation for an internal weakness.

By focusing on self-discipline, on personal goals, we help students discover their inner confidence and self-respect. Once learned in the studio, these virtues will become part of everyday life.

3. Martial Arts Emphasizes Focus and Stillness

It’s often said that people nowadays are addicted to their phones. That they no longer have the attention span to read books or focus in class. That permanent distraction is the new normal and we’ll just have to get used to it.

But while this may be true, all is not lost. Martial arts at Amerikick Karate Kickboxing emphasizes the kind of self-knowledge that can only be achieved by slowing down, by focusing on the self, and by hard work. The only way to truly master martial arts is by looking at your own weaknesses and improving them. One day at a time.

4. Most Importantly, Martial Arts are Fun Way to get Active!

Forget all this stuff about taking 10 000 steps in a day. The kind of cardio and aerobic exercise you get from martial arts will not only burn more calories, it will also help your heart, lungs, and blood circulation. All the while, you’ll be building lean muscles that will help you feel strong.

This is especially true of children and teenagers whose bodies are in a state of growth. The muscles they build when young will be there for life. Prepare your child to live a healthy life, or take control of your own life, and join Amerikick Karate Kickboxing for martial arts classes in Horsham today!