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Martial Arts in Warminster

Warminster’s Best Martial Arts Instruction That’s Just for Kids

Looking for a pastime that will keep your child’s body and mind engaged and that will help with their focus and attention in school? Amerikick Karate Kickboxing is a full-service martial arts dojo open seven days a week that offers premier martial arts instruction to teach lifelong lessons to Warminster children of all ages.

Studies have shown multiple times that the values instilled by martial arts—nonviolent conflict resolution, respect for authority and tradition, and mindful connections between mind and body—do wonders for children’s self-esteem, impulse control and performance in school.

Martial arts are founded in wisdom of traditions that value a more wholesome and connected state of being than is prized in today’s society. It’s the perfect balance to the hectic and stressful lifestyles of today, and will anchor your child’s energy in their day-to-day life.

Martial Arts for Kids: Learning at a Child-Safe Pace

Why choose Amerikick Karate Kickboxing rather than any of the other martial arts academies near you? We’re the only martial arts academy with NO mixed adult-kid lessons. Your child will learn with other children around their skill level. There’s no risk of an adult injuring your child during a spar—everyone is on the same footing. Amerikick Karate Kickboxing is a great place for your karate kid to make friends and form bonds with other curious and disciplined students of martial arts in Warminster.

A Schedule for Kids That Parents Love Too

Check out our class and instruction schedule for the year on our website! Martial arts instruction is the perfect after-school activity for your child. They can attend as many or as few classes that work for your schedule. No need to hire a babysitter if you’re still working into the evening—simply carpool with another family from your child’s school to their karate lessons!

For sessions that anyone can attend, we’re open weekends for fitness classes and sparring too!

Mixed Martial Arts or Karate? Which Martial Art is the Best?

While Amerikick Karate Kickboxing specializes in teaching the ancient art of karate, we also offer kickboxing for your budding MMA fighter.

The thing is, every single martial art begins from the same place: empowering individuals to protect themselves and stay fit while connecting them to a philosophy that emphasizes community and belonging.

All martial arts teach the value of respect for self and others above all else. Karate and kickboxing at Amerikick Karate Kickboxing teaches that violence is only for use in life-or-death situations, and the values of self-control and self-respect empower your child with the skills they need to successfully negotiate conflict in life.

Try a Free Kids Martial Arts Class Today!

Want to sign your child up for the best martial arts school in Warminster? Drop by the dojo on a weeknight for a free beginners class, or call us today to learn more!